The HGWHUA provides a network of like-minded umpires, who can offer you fixtures within three counties.

We can support your application of the changing rules and interpretations within the game and help those who wish to move towards WEST umpiring appointments. We are also there for a chat and drink in the bar after the game and perhaps even the occasional social gathering!

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Latest News from the HGWHUA

West Officiating Committee to make Appointments / 16 Sep 21

As you may be aware HGWHUA will no longer be making umpire appointments in the area, the responsibility for this now sits with the West Officiating Committee. This document shows the committee structure and post holders which you may find helpful.

A reminder that in accordance with League regulations all umpires MUST register with the EHO, the membership type will depend on the games you do.

Presentation of the new Rules / 26 Sep 19

At the recent pre-season meeting our Chief Coach, Dave Lennie, gave an overview of the new rules introduced this season. The document [credit Nick White West Umpires] he used can be downloaded here.

Rules of Hockey 2019-20 / 17 Jul 19

England Hockey have issued a document regarding the implementation of the FIH Rules of Outdoor Hockey and this can be found on the Coaching/Discipline page under Rule Resources.

Updated Concussion Policy / 17 January 19

The England Hockey Concussion Policy and guidance has been updated on the EH website.

Visit the Medical Information page »

Message from England Hockey / 01 January 19

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH 'Respect - Code of Ethics and Behaviour' - Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension.

Visit the Discipline page on the EH website and anyone thinking of making a Disrepute Complaint for this, or any other reason, should read the document titled "Disrepute Regulations Sep18"

Guidance on Shirt Numbers / 19 Dec 17

It would appear that shirt numbers or rather the lack of them is causing some angst. So much so that some players and clubs have been giving umpires grief in order to sort it out. After a couple of incidents earlier in the season I wrote to the League. As a result they put a notice on their website.

To clarify the situation is this:

  • The umpires are there to apply the FIH rules of hockey. As these rules pertain worldwide they do not cover shirts et al, because in many countries players do not even have footwear let alone numbered shirts!!!
  • Consequently FIH cede regulations concerning shirts and shirt numbers to the organisers of any tournament/competition. In our case the West League.
  • The League rules deal with shirts and shirt numbers. But umpires are not empowered to enforce League rules.

Therefore umpires cannot force teams with incorrect shirts or numbers to correct the situation. Nor can they impose any personal or team penalties for any breaches. However we would hope that by good game management from the umpires and the assistance of teams most situations can be resolved.

If you continue to have problems with opponents not having the correct apparel then I suggest you take it up with the League either directly and/or by endorsing the match card accordingly.

Essentially this is a matter between clubs and the League not HGWHUA.

Please could you disseminate this message to all your teams and players.

How to progress to Level 2 / 04 Sep 17

Current Level 1 umpires often ask how they can get to the next stage in their umpiring career and this document should help explain the process.

Progression to Level 2 »

Club Umpire Developer training / 26 Mar 17

England Hockey have announced the launch of the Club Umpire Developer training through their Hockey Hub. The module is designed to help learners identify what good umpiring looks like and how to give constructive feedback to umpires. Read more about it by clicking on this link:

Update to Red Card and MMO Regulations 2016 / 11 Sep 16

EH Statement - 'Following representations from the regional hockey associations and umpires we have updated the red card and matchday misconduct offence regulations so that from the start of the 2016/17 season any player who received a red car after committing a minor offence for a second time, having received a yellow card for the first offence, will no longer automatically receive a 16 day ban. This brings the rest of the sport in line with the EHL regulations.

We would also stress that offences involving the use or threat of violence or verbal abuse will continue to be treated seriously and will incur a minimum 16 day suspension.'

The Red Card report Form will still have to be completed where a red card is issued following a second yellow and the updated form can be found under Coaching & Discipline.

Read the full release »

Our Aims

The aims of the association are to support outdoor and indoor hockey by:

  • Recruiting, developing and promoting umpires
  • Developing and promoting umpire coaches
  • Looking after the well-being of umpires
  • Promoting communication between umpires and players/coaches
  • Appointing umpires to league, cup and other appropriate matches
  • Assessing Association umpires to maintain standards
  • Developing and maintaining relations with counties, clubs, team coaches and players
  • Representing the views of the HGWHUA at Regional and County level

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