HGWHUA organise appointments of umpires to fixtures. The latest available fixtures list and appointments list can be downloaded from this page. We often need to make changes to the original schedule. These will be shown below throughout the season.

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Contacting Other Umpires: Some do not use their mobiles regularly and in the case of our far northern and southern brethren they sometimes do not have a signal. So please use home number where available and ensure that if you leave a message you get a positive reply. For this reason texts are not permitted when confirming games with the umpires.

Reminder: Yet another reminder to ring your umpires and to get a positive response. Please also make sure that the umpire knows where you are playing, you may play there every other week but it might be his/her first time there!!!

21st March Appointments
Note that all games in West League are suspended as per EH and Government advisories.