We hope that if you're considering umpiring in the Hereford, Gloucester and Wiltshire area of England, you would consider joining the HGWHUA. We offer support in training, coaching, assessment and appointments to fixtures.

If you're already a member of a club and umpire for them, have you ever considered the opportunities outside of your club to develop your skills? If you are new to the area, contact any of the Committee to find out how we can help you continue umpiring within the area.

Membership Benefits



Fixture Appointments by the HGWHUA Appointments Secretary


Rule Book (when published)

LOR Registration

Free yellow shirt on joining the neutral panel

Option to purchase Association clothing
(supplied by The Stick Club)

Voting rights at HGWHUA AGMs and EGMs

Annual Cost:



* = The HGWHUA insurance policy (see below under 'Incident Reporting' for more details) covers all members. However there is an important clause that needs to be brought to the attention of Associate Members, i.e. those not taking Panel Appointments. This clause states that umpires should not umpire games that are outside their level of competence.

However, Associate Members, because they do not take HGWHUA appointments, are expected to judge their own level of competence and not umpire games that are outside this competence level. Please be aware that should you do so, your insurance cover may be invalidated. In the case of Full Members the assessment of competence, and hence games to which they are appointed, is carried out by the Appointments Secretary in conjunction with the Chief Coach on behalf of the HGWHUA Committee.

Please see below under 'Incident Reporting' for further Insurance information.

Incident Reporting

In order to ensure the Association is able to obtain information on any possible present or future claim we have decided to introduce a system where you can report any incidents that you feel may lead to a possible claim against you and the HGWHUA. The two documents below relate to the scope of our insurance policy and incident reporting procedure:

We need to repeat the stipulation set down by the Ecclesiastical, namely:

that where an individual umpire has other appropriate insurance, in the event of a claim, he or she will be asked to use that cover first and then our policy will 'top up' with an extra £5,000,000.

HOWEVER WE MUST EMPHASISE this only applies if there is such other cover; otherwise the umpire is insured from the ground upwards.

In any case all potential incidents must be reported as soon as possible after the event.

We can't prescriptively say to you what constitutes an incident and every issue is different, it is down to yourself if in your opinion what happened in your match could lead to a possible claim. We are all adults and as such should be able to make a judgement call on this matter.

If, after having read these documents, you feel it is necessary to report an incident, please complete the Incident Report Form and send a hard copy to:

HGWHUA Hon Treasurer,
Mark Windsor,
27 Cavendish Avenue,
GL3 2HN.

A softcopy should also be sent to . It will be kept in our records and recorded in the association minutes so that a formal record has been made and kept.

If after reading this information you still have questions on the reporting of incidents or any other general insurance issues please contact any of the committee members.

Membership Forms

Are you interested in becoming a member of HGWHUA? Lost your renewal form?

Contact the Secretary, Alison Cook, at

Current Membership

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Expenses Documents

We expect the Expenses Claim Form to be completed by members at least twice in a season. Please complete electronically* before printing, signing and returning.

Hard copies must reach the Treasurer no later than 31st December for the first half of the season and by 30th April for the second half of the season. The same applies for Coaches.

  • Umpires Travel Expenses Claim Form: [ XLS / PDF ]
    Updated: August 2012
  • Committee Meetings Expenses Claim Form: [ XLS / PDF ]
    Updated: August 2012
  • Coaches & Watchers Expenses Claim Form: [ XLS / PDF ]
    Updated: August 2012

* = So long as you enter the number of miles travelled, along with the number of miles you carried any passengers (acting umpires or coaches) and note any extra charges (e.g. Severn Bridge Tolls), it will calculate your expected payment in the "check figure" column.


Our aim is to provide a quality product enabling all active panel umpires the option to purchase, at a reasonsable cost, easily identified HGWHUA clothing.

Our Polo shirts and sweat shirt tops come in a bright yellow colour with the HGWHUA badge on the left breast.

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